About us

Physiotherapy Tauranga

High quality physiotherapy for injury resolution and prevention

100% quality money back guarantee

At Bureta Physiotherapy it is our mission to provide the highest quality, individualised physiotherapy treatment.  With a highly qualified professional physiotherapist, rehab exercises and access to a variety of core and functional rehab classes, you can resolve not only the injury at hand but also the underlying causative factor.

We also provide a range of fitness and rehab services from  fitness for adults and teens, lower limb strengthening, core classes  and pilates classes.

Personal physiotherapist to ensure an effective results

Expect an indepth initial assessment and treatment plan

  • A holistic approach to treatment
  • Diagnosis, hands on treatment, assessment and correction of underlying causative factors
  • Education and how to actively manage your injury/ symptoms, postural and biomechanical corrections and advice relating to activities of daily living
  • A graduated return to sport/exercise as appropriate as well as advice on maintaining fitness while injured

Check out our website for more information – www.buretaphysio.co.nz

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